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Extra virgin olive oil CRETE - metal can 5 L
50.00 €
Thyme honey and herbs of Crete Terre de Crete 950 g
18.00 €
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Extra virgin olive oil CRETE - metal can 5 L

50.00 €

Thyme honey and herbs of Crete Terre de Crete 950 g

18.00 €

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Question 1 :
Do you have a credit card payment, and if so is it safe?
Answer 1 :
Yes, we have a credit card payment that is totally secure (padlock appears next to the name of our service Blue Paid (on the bottom of the payment page).
At no time do we see your bank details, and we will never ask you.
When you arrive on the page secure payment by credit card, you will see our logo at the top of the page and the following sentence : "You are well on the secure page".
You can pay online by credit card safely and confidently.
Question 2 :
How to disconnect once you ordered?
Answer 2 :
To disconnect, it is very simple. Just go to his client "My client space" space (top of the site) and click on "To log out, click here."
Question 3 :
When I order multiple items of the same product, the lowest price is displayed on a separate page and in the basket I have yet another price. Is this normal ?
Answer 3 :
The price displayed on the screen is a tax price. When you click "Add to Cart", appears on the screen the tax price of the product purchased and wanted. In the cart you will see the total price including tax of purchased product (order quantity x unit price of the product TTC.
Question 4 :
I am a professional and I would like to fax an order but I can not find your number?
Answer 4 :
Our fax number is : +33 517 475 231 .
Question 5 :
I want to place a big order for some of your products. How do I do it ?
Answer 5 :
You have 2 options :
- Or you can order via our website but it is possible that some of the products ordered are not in stock ;
- Or you send us an email ( and / or fax (+33 517 475 231) and we will be pleased to discuss with you (or) order(s) desired(s).
Question 6 :
One of your items is no longer in stock. How do I know he is new ?
Answer 6 :
If any of our items were to be no longer in stock, marked " Backordered " appears on the screen with a red cross. You can always inquire if you wish, your email address, and an email will alert you of its availability.
Question 7 :
Can I order an item that is not in stock ?
Answer 7 :
It is quite possible to order an item that is no longer in stock. In this case the delivery is extended until the availability of the item. After being in stock, Your item will be delivered in the usual manner.
Question 8 :
My order exceeds 30 kg and I live in Haute-Garonne (31). I only have two possible modes of delivery on the order page : removal of open air markets and delivery in the north of the Haute-Garonne (31).
How can I control myself and how I deliver ?
Question 8 :
I am a student(s) on the Toulouse campus and I would like to make me deliver my order.
Is this possible ?
Answer 8 :
It is quite posssible to be delivered the order on the campus Toulouse .
In this case we will agree together to secure a venue to give you your order.
For other campus in Haute-Garonne, it is advisable to specify a specific address, and indicate the company making the delivery of specific details on delivery (specific location, approximate time, etc.).
Question 9 :
I want to make gifts to several of my knowledge.
Can I ship to different places for the same billing address ?
Answer 9 :
Yes. By creating your personal account on, you can create up to five billing and / or shipping addresses 5.
With the same billing address, so you can indulge in five different locations (one at billing and 4 other places to choose from).
Question 10 :
Why create a special line " packaging " ?
Answer 10 :
We set up in each item record this special line " Packaging " to facilitate your orders, especially if they are large (several boxes) .
This line is located just above the "Add to cart ".
So you know what you order seamlessly.
Question 11 :
I am a member of a works council. A works council can he get your products at discounted rates ?
Answer 11 :
We work with a diverse set of clients : single consumer, wholesaler, business committee, restaurant, etc.
Yes, preferential rates are offered to business committees.
If you wish to be contacted and offer our high quality products to members of your company, we can study together every proposal.
It is the same for all retail professionals who want to share our high quality products .